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You and your company’s money deserve better.

Business Cash Account

Better Benefits than the banks

Short-term yields are often ignored. Your company’s cash needs to be fluid so a higher yield might seem unnecessary and unattainable. At least, that’s what the banks would have you believe. Banks offer standard business accounts like Money Markets and CDs. These are fine, but they aren’t enough. You and your company’s money deserve better.

The Prestige Business Cash Account offers higher short-term yields than banks, plus added benefits for your business. In the Prestige Business Cash Account, your money can earn 3-4 times more than a standard Money Market or short-term CD. As for fluidity, you can withdraw your money at any time, surrendering the policy without penalty.

This unparalleled strategy can also be used to finance buy/sell agreements, employee retention and debt protection. Because of the unique structure of the strategy, life insurance is included and can provide a death benefit.

The Prestige Business Cash Account rivals standard Money Market and CD company accounts by offering more for you and your business. More yield. More accessibility. More benefits.

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