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Life Insurance

Protect what matters most with Prestige Life Insurance.

It’s a difficult subject to discuss. No one wants to think about it, but the fact remains: You will die someday. It could happen today, tomorrow or hopefully decades from now. The unpredictability of your life drives home the importance of securing your family’s future well before you’re gone.

You’ve taken care of your family for your entire life. Prestige Life Insurance from Cool Springs Financial offers you the opportunity to continue providing for them for their entire lives, even in your absence. It’s time to plan your life insurance so you can rest easy knowing your loved ones will always be in good hands.

The unpredictability of your life drives home the importance to secure your family’s future well before you’re gone.

Most life insurance policy withdrawals are heavily taxed by the government. In these scenarios, your family would lose out on a sizable portion of the payout. We believe your loved ones should receive the entire withdrawal, every time. By repaying low-cost loans with the benefit payout, your family can withdraw tax-free from Prestige Life Insurance. Additionally, we tie our cash value crediting methodology to market gains so there’s huge upside potential for your family to receive even more money. With that great potential, also comes protection. Decreasing market returns halt at 0%, so your family’s money is immune to negative effects.

Death is hard to think about. It’s even more difficult to discuss with financial experts, let alone the people you love. Deep down, you know it’s important. Now, you can stop worrying about it. With the unparalleled Prestige Life Insurance, your family’s future is safe and secure. So you can get out there and life life to the fullest.

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