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You deserve a retirement that pays again and again.

Retirement Strategy

Retire Wealthier, Sooner with Prestige Retirement.

Building a business is hard work. Day in and day out, you put everything you have into it. You invest time, money and yourself. Those days at the office or in the field quickly become years. Those years add up to decades. Before you know it, it’s time to leave the business behind. When that time comes, you need to be ready. 

Retirement planning needs to start now, not tomorrow. You can’t afford to wait. When your money isn’t compounding, building upon itself, you’re losing cash when you could just as easily be earning it. That’s why Prestige Retirement makes sense for you. You deserve a retirement that pays again and again.

Our proprietary method secures more benefits for you than a typical nest egg plan. Prestige Retirement offers tax-free withdrawals by repaying low-cost loans with the benefit payout. Because we partner with the finest financial institutions in the world to finance your plan, you won’t have to write any more premium checks. Tied to market gains, our cash value crediting methodology gives you upside potential and downside protection that halts decreasing market returns at 0%. So you’re safe from market losses.

The bottom line is that you work hard for your business. Your money should be working just as hard for you, starting now and continuing long after you retire. With the Prestige Retirement Strategy from Cool Springs Financial, you get a unique retirement strategy that will allow you to relax long before you retire.

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