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About Our Company

The organization was found in September 1988 in Greater Los Angeles, California. New Century Insurance Services is named to greet and meet the needs of the new millennium and beyond. New Century Insurance Services essence is true teamwork and spirit - no individual is larger than the firm itself. With this team philosophy, New Century Insurance Services has steadily grown to over fifty professionals covering nearly all lines of insurance. Though we do not measure our success by the number of employees, we are proud to serve the community together in such growing capacity.


As an independent insurance agency, our goal is twofold: The first is to earn the trust of our clients by consistently procuring and delivering valued insurance and financial products with outstanding customer service. The second is to maintain a long-term, viable insurance marketplace. Our job is to understand our clients’ needs and match them with quality carriers and coverages. As a result, we proudly represent numerous top quality insurance companies with underwriting capabilities locally, nationally and internationally.


To our valued clients

We place our clients’ interests above our own, helping them to obtain the best value out of their insurance products. We assist our clients by understanding their operations in depth and providing risk management solutions through quality insurance products. We communicate with our clients and meet their expectation of service with the highest professional standard of conduct.

To our strategic partners & insurers


We convey truthful information and uphold highly the principle of utmost good faith. We strive to understand and support our insurers’ underwriting values and principles in order to maintain a long-term viable marketplace.

To our most valuable assets - Our employees


We treat our colleagues with sincerity and respect. We work as team to build our organization, by sharing the responsibilities as well as the fruits of our success. We will continue our legacy by passing our heritage of success to one another.

The combination of CLIENTS, INSURERS and EMPLOYEES produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects - a real synergy.

Working together - Growing together

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